The Best Ways to Restrict the Battery Consumption of Apple Music

Earlier Apple Music was strictly a service related to music only, but later it began expanding to videos too. The service since its release has received mixed reviews from the users. Some people praised it for its vast collection of songs and videos and its integration with all the Apple devices, on the other hand, some criticized it for having a not-so-appealing user interface and its excessive battery consumption. Later some fixes were made in the application, and it was redesigned for iOS 10 which then gained widespread popularity and passed 10 million subscribers in just a matter of six months. By the end of five years of development, the service crossed over 60 million subscribers worldwide.

The Problem and the Complications

Apple Music is an essential service for many of the users. But what if you have to use it at the expense of your battery life. If you suspect that your device’s battery is not giving a backup up to the mark or if you think it is notwithstanding the time it should have been, then you should look out for the activities of Apple Music. The battery issues aren’t new for the iOS users, but as the days are passing on, the majority of people have started complaining about the battery draining issues. Hundreds of users have reported about the battery issues through various posts and screenshots, and they have clearly stated that the problem lies with the Apple Music application. Some users have also described how quickly their device’s battery got drained through graphical representation of the battery status of their device.

It doesn’t seem like the problem is with a particular iOS version; instead, it looks like the problem is actually with the application. Many of the users are running the latest iOS version; still, they are facing similar issues like the others who are using a bit earlier version. And the worst thing is that those people are rarely using Apple Music.

Some Steps Regarding the Solution

You will see various articles related to the solution of intense drainage of battery. But, there are only a few that work and that too temporarily. There is no permanent procedure to solve this problem yet; however, some people will suggest you quit using the Apple Music by deleting it completely, some will ask you to restart your device very often when you feel like the battery is draining very quickly. Some experts will also suggest you turn off the refreshing of the applications in the background and some will recommend you turn off the automatic downloads. As currently there is no permanent solution to the problem, you can only follow the steps mentioned above, and it will be your luck if any of the steps mentioned above works out.

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