Guide to Run Android Applications on Windows

Microsoft is struggling each coming day to deliver the best features to its users with the help of compatible devices. Just like the App Store of Mac devices provided by Apple, Microsoft also wants to attract its consumers by providing attractive apps and programs, especially for the recent Windows edition that is Windows 10. The library of Microsoft is highly populated with several apps and programs that we like to use most such as Netflix, Facebook, Hulu etc.

Android users are waiting for such features by which they can run their Android apps directly on their Windows PC running on Windows 10 OS.

Ways to use Android Apps on Windows

There are several methods to use your favourite Android apps directly on your Windows machine such as third party software because transferring apps from tablet or smartphone are not the natural process like installing directly on a desktop device.

One can use dual boosting programs and various emulators to use and run Android apps directly on a Windows device. In order to make things easier to read and apply on your device, we are providing several methods and utilities to install and use Android apps directly on the Windows 10 device.

Using Bluestacks Emulator

It’s one of the most used and powerful emulators for Android devices and apps that enables the users to run various games and apps for Android edition 7.1.2 directly on Windows devices.

The “Bluestacks App Player” is free to use an emulator that provides easy access to emulation settings and opens various Android apps through customized interface features. It uses the technology “Layercake” that helps the hardware of the respective device to enhance and upgrade the entire performance of Android games that are running on systems based on Windows.

In case you own Twitch or Facebook account having a PC with over 8GB of storage capacity. You may broadcast various apps and games directly from the window screen of Bluestacks. For high performance, you can opt for enabling Intel VT-x and AMD-V into the BIOS section if present.

This emulator also offers various subscription plans and provides premium subscription services with interesting offers via app developers.

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