1. Go to office.com/setup for office setup.
  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter your Microsoft Office Product Key.
  5. Download and Install Office.
  6. Run the Activation wizard.
  7. You are all done, Run Office Apps.


How You Can Manage www.office.com/myaccount?

  1. First, you have to go the office.com/myaccount.
  2. Here, you have to fill all the details like username, email ID and password and then just click on Sign in option.
  3. Now, you can use your MS Office account.
  4. In MS Account, you can manage your payments, billings, update your payment history, renew and manage your Office subscriptions.

Office Setup From office.com/setup

  1. An overview to download “Office setup
  2. Now, type “office.com/setup” in the search bar and hit Enter.
  3. After this, click on the “Sign In” button if you have an existing Microsoft account.
  4. Tap ‘Create a new account’ to sign up.
  5.  After a successful login, you will see two options i.e. Buy MS Office or Start Office Trial.
  6.  Choose the desired option and wait until the download process goes on.

Why You Need PowerPoint For Business Presentations? Why Is It Better Than Other Programs?

activate powerpoint

Presentations are vital for businesses which can help them to explain their points of view and also educate both internal and external audiences. A well-drafted presentation is a sign of professionalism and the image of a business is also built in the corporate world. PowerPoint is used for giving a powerful presentation which is an impactful and easy tool indeed. It helps a business a lot if used properly. The following are some of the points which explain why most of the businesses use PowerPoint for their presentations and why it is considered better than other programs.

Designed For Presentations:

With the tools available such as animations, data can be presented which engages the audience and also easier to comprehend. We can be as creative as want which is the best thing about PowerPoint.

Use Of Multimedia:

Presentations can be made more interesting and keep the focus of the audience if multimedia is used. Images, videos, audios and graphs are provided by PowerPoint to have a greater visual impact. In this way information is fed to the audience in an effective manner.

Easier To Use Slides:

When it comes to easy use of slides and presentations, PowerPoint takes over every other program. During presentations, we can move from one slide to another very easily. The audience can be shown any relevant information they need instantly.

Can Be Updated Automatically:

The main purpose of the business is to update the data regularly. Dynamic data is used for this purpose. It is type of data that keeps updating on its own. PowerPoint is the only program that supports this feature. Presentation is linked to an external source that keeps updating itself.


Anyone can use PowerPoint easily even if they lack designing skills because of the professionally designed templates they provide. We can select the right layout and content from the templates. All we need to do is to download the template file.

When Is The Next MS Office Update Expected And What Are The Rumored Features


When it comes to rolling out updates for its users on a uniquely quick pace as well as a timely basis, Microsoft is tough to compete with. Which is no surprise as Microsoft has proven its value for its customer base. Have a look at the latest and upcoming features and tools that are aimed to enhance your at-home office experience.

Latest Updates

For starters, let’s talk about their latest updates. Microsoft office 365 which was a web version that offered many different features as well as being a limited version of the Microsoft Desktop programs has been replaced with ‘Microsoft 365’, which are out in both Personal and Family subscriptions. What has consumers excited about this is that it’s combining the experience of previously separate Office 365 Web and Office 365 Home. So your online subscription will enable you to access the full versions of the desktop applications. On top of that, this new version is offering 1 terra-byte of storage on the cloud as well as 60 skype minutes.

When To Expect The Next Update

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next Microsoft Office update, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, they have not announced an official date for their next update as yet but we’ll keep you posted.